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What Makes Us Smile
If he’s not laughing, he’s preparing for his next movement towards success. Born in 1988, Dillon faced many challenges from day one. But, with the love of his family and friends along with the support they have given to him, he has overcome all and any obstacles that have presented themselves in his path. Now at a young 33 years old, Dillon chases his dream of being a successful DJ, Motivational speaker, Landlord, and Entrepreneur. Success is never far from being within his reach. He truly makes it happen.

The challenge he was faced with from day one, Cerebral Palsy, has never led Dillon to give up on his hopes and dreams. Dillon wanted to start working at the age of 12, but due to the nature of his inability to perform certain tasks, no one would hire him. His passion for music and love for people led him to want to become a DJ/Entertainer.

Today Dillon owns an upbeat Entertainment Company, driven by himself and people like himself who have a love for music and compassion for people. He is a motivational speaker, and truly a Regular Guy. His main ambition in life is to continue to grow his successful business, one day have a wife and family of his own, and be financially stable enough to have the support of staff to tend to his daily needs in order to provide and support his family each and every day.

Dream the Impossible because EVERYTHING is possible when you believe in yourself and push beyond limits that may present themselves.

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